What Our Clients Say

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Shreya Ganpule

“The best doctors I met in my diabetes journey. Not only for your disease diagnosis but they also help you to motivate or inspire mentally to fight your disease. I had a best experience with them.”

Poornachandra Prathap

“Doctor is really good. Cured my skin allergy and back pain very fast. Treatment is really good. He explains everything properly. Thank you doctor. Really happy after taking treatment from Dr.vyas”


Visited Dr. Rishabh Vyas (Homoeopath)

” It’s a miracle I can say, amazing medicines, I had suffered with severe sinusitis problems ,every day I feel my head is full like some thing is holding,
and my two noses were blocked and also I was unable to breathe for one month ,I shown in private hospital simply doctors said that I need to undergo emergency surgery due to extreme sinus which is spreaded all over my face, head, eyes also

Meghna Chandak

Nabajit Gogoi

I was suffering from Covid a few days before. I wish no one should get the symptoms which I got during the first 10 days especially the body pain. Dr.Rishabh is a god father to me. He patiently heard my problems and suggested me the treatment and provided homeo pills for the same. He has made sure I am getting the medicines on time and did all the arrangements through Swiggy/Dunzo. Most importantly he didn’t charged me any consultation fees as I was not in the state of payment. He motivated me to recover first and took update about my health very frequently. I am amazed that by taking his pills along with other allopathy medicines I am getting back to normal and recovered from Covid . Thanking him to be by my side at this difficult days is not enough.

Handling multiple patients and still taking update and keeping track of everyone’s health is very difficult but Dr.Rishabh didnt fell behind in any of his responsibilities towards his patients. He just have a motto to save a life. As a doctor he exceeds my expectation which I had from him.

Thank you Dr. Rishabh for being there when I was in most need of genuine advice and medication.


Dr.Rishabh Vyas is probably the rare Homeo doctor today who tells you exactly what medicines he is giving — most Homeopathy doctors don’t tell the medicines name and keep you dependent on them — for me, this was highly noticeable long back.During these current hard times, I have recently consulted him for advice for different symptoms for my mother and myself — these symptoms were dynamic and Dr.Rishabh was answering them and suggesting next course of action. Most important thing is he never talks badly about necessary treatment which may be needed in a allopathy hospital, intact he has said wherever required to take allopathy medicine as well! — therefore I sincerely suggest people who are going through any symptoms to consult him and get them treated along with allopathy. Due to extreme hospital load, no allopathy doctor is able to give proper attention and also medicines are sometimes unavailable. So for your own sake, I as a well-wisher suggest that you do once get appointment with Dr.Rishabh and get the necessary advice if you have symptoms.He arranged medicine for me and my family via Dunzo/Swiggy and didn’t charge for consultation — put a message to him, he will reply whenever he gets time.

Raghu Ram

“I had fissures issue, popularly known as piles but a more painful version. Generally allopathy recommends surgery which actually is not a permanent cure. Dr. Rishabh was patient enough to get all details. Gave a week medicine to judge the response, then tuned the medicine and gave for another month. He explained well what may work and what may not. But with 10 days medicine I started to feel improvement with less pain and eventually after 15 days it was all fine. Great experience.”

Aditya Kumar Singh

I am really excited to share my review here, i was suffering from major health issue that was making me lose weight daily , i was in initial stage of IBS and after getting in tough with Shrishti things have changed totally, she is very soft spoken and she laid out the whole diet plan for me which has helped me a lot to my benefit and also the diet she recommended is better than what I was used to eating before and I can feel the difference within me , she is always there to help , she contacts on a regular basis to check on my status which has helped me a lot lately , I would definitely recommend her for anyone who is suffering from similar problems like me or even more .

Anchal Soni

I consulted Dr Rishabh in June 2020 for two reasons.

1) I have been suffering from severe allergic rhinitis. Within two months of starting his medication, I was absolutely fine. There has been no looking back since then.

2) Dr Vyas also helped me with fertility treatment and his pills helped me conceive in September 2020 and today I am a mother to a beautiful girl. I am so thankful to him for his support throughout this journey.

Dr Rishabh explains the problem really well and doesn’t commit false things. He is extremely friendly and always carry positivity. The way he talks cures half of your problem and the remaining is taken care of by his medicines. I fall short of words here to convey how grateful I am to him for his treatment.


Found doctor Rishab by chance, when looking for homeopathic treatment for my ulcerative colitis. I have tried all kinds of herbal and natural remedies in the past but hadn’t yet tried homeopathy. Coincidentally Dr Rishab had a lot of experience with this disease – that gave me confidence that I was working with the right practitioner.

I have had this condition for 17 years and never have I experienced relief so fast. Within the first week of taking his meds I could already feel my pain reducing. In 1 month my stomach feels completely recovered, I’m sleeping through the night for the first time in a decade.

Am continuing my treatment and also seeking treatment for several other family members for other autoimmune ailments.

Strongly recommend doctor Rishab! He takes the time to listen to your symptoms and will customize and adjust medicines as needed!

Mehak Mathur

I had a great experience with Dr. Rishabh for my daughter’s cough treatment with which I was struggling a lot for a long time. We were able to communicate with him easily from our first visit itself as he is very approachable. I had difficulty finding good homeopathic treatment in Bangalore and I am glad to have found a trustable doctor now in Dr. Rishabh whom I consult in future for all kind of health issues. Above all, I felt he is so willing to genuinely help and cares about his patients well being and comfort on a personal level. I strongly recommend Dr. Rishabh to all my family and friends and whoever is seeking homeopathic treatment in Bangalore.

Ashish gupta

Well I went 4months back for did and weather allergy which had agrevated after coming to Bangalore from Delhi. I went to him without reference only based on the genuine feedback on Google n practo.I say genuine now becz not only has he diagnosed correct but treated it well. Now I m fine and now my entire family goes to him. Till now I have recommended 3 patients having Migraine and thyaroid issue as well and they are see positive results. Even my daughter who could not take bitter antibiotics recommended by allopathic doctor , I got her to Rishabh and she loves his medicine and very effective for kids in cough & cold, fever , throat infection etc. Above all wonderful person and very friendly. I recommend him 200%.